A degree in physics prepares you for a variety of career paths. With our department’s emphasis on experiential education through student-led research, recent graduates have found success in both graduate school and industrial employment.

I am currently a research intern working in the Materials Chemistry Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory under Dr. M. Parans Paranthaman. We are investigating silver/sodium ion mobility in conductive glasses as well as a joint project with Ames Laboratory involving Additive Manufacturing of rare earth bonded magnets. In the Fall of 2015 I will be joining the Nanomaterials group at Drexel run by Dr. Yuri Gogotsi. 

— Christine Hatter, B.S. Physics 2014, Ph.D. Student, Drexel University, Materials Science and Engineering

“I am currently working in a group run by Dr. Karen I. Winey in the Materials Science & Engineering dept. We are collaborating with a group at Duke University to create and characterize transparent conducting thin films of composites of polymers such as PS and transition metal nanowires.”

— Jim Borchert, B.A. Physics 2012, M.S. Student, University of Pennsylvania, Materials Science and Engineering

“Universal Display Corporation is a world leader in the development of innovative OLED technology for use in flat panel displays, lighting and organic electronics. As a research engineer, I maintain and write software for the test and measurement equipment (JVL, spectral measurements, and life testing). I am also tasked with conducting specialized diagnostic measurements such as capacitance-voltage (CV), transient electroluminescence, and time resolved spectra. Working in Dr. Bubb’s lab gave me vital training in vacuum deposition techniques, laser alignment and safety practices, as well as experiment recording skills. The opportunity to setup the SEM microscope and learning about Schlieren photography gave me valuable insight into spectroscopy techniques.“

— Michael O’Connor, B.A. Physics 2009, Research Engineer, Universal Display Corporation.  

More Physics Alumni Success Stories

Daniel Petroski, B.A. Physics 2015

Dan graduated from Rutgers-Camden in fall 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computational Physics. He spent several years teaching at Camden Academy Charter High School and was recognized as the 2012 Teacher of the Year. Dan is currently living the dream as a physics teacher at Overbrook High School in Pine Hill, New Jersey.  

John Kuchmek, B.A. Physics 2011

Helicopter Production Engineer in Avionics, AugustaWestland. John won several awards in his senior year and graduated with the highest honors. Besides being active in research, John also was instrumental in outreach for the department. John credits the Physics curriculum with giving him the confidence to tackle any problem he encounters in science and engineering.

Jeffrey Corgan, B.A. Physics 2010

Process Engineer, Kulite SemiconductorRead his story on the Rutgers-Camden’s site. Jeff received his M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from NJIT in 2012 while interning at Kulite. He credits his research experience at Rutgers-Camden with helping him to secure the internship.

Jeff won the Marsh Undergraduate Research Award while at Rutgers-Camden.

Daniel Petroski, B.A. Physics 2007

Physics Instructor, Camden Charter Academy. Dan teaches a variety of science courses at Camden Charter Academy and frequently collaborates with Rutgers-Camden faculty to provide unique learning opportunities for high school students.

Joshua Wood, B.A. Physics 2007

Ph.D. Candidate, Clemson University Department of Physics, Astrophysics Group. Josh is hoping to graduate with a Ph.D. in the 2013 academic year. His dissertation research involves numerical modeling of supernova remnants.