Please note that the syllabi are usually from previous course offerings and may not necessarily reflect the structure or policies of future courses.

Courses in Astronomy:

50:100:305 Observational Astronomy (3) syllabus (fulfills the Gen Ed PLS requirement, taught online during the summer)
This course is meant to serve as an introductory course in astronomy but will place emphasis on observational techniques. While the course will detail the operation of optical telescopes, we will also delve into non-optical instrumentation and techniques. The course will be given at a level suitable for both non-science majors and science majors who have no prior knowledge of astronomy. Note, some basic math operations, such as those found in algebra and trigonometry, will be part of the course.

50:100:306 Descriptive Astronomy (R) (3) (fulfills the Gen Ed PLS requirement, periodically taught online during the academic year)
Introduction to astronomy and astrophysics. Emphasis on the solar system and Kepler’s Laws, stellar magnitudes, distances, stellar evolution, the galaxy, black holes, and the Big Bang. Recommended for non-science majors; however, numerical examples are used. Depending on the time of year, students also may be required to participate in a star-viewing program.


Courses in Geology:

50:460:101 Introduction to the Earth (R) (3) (fulfills the Gen Ed PLS requirement, taught once per academic year)
A one-semester (nonlaboratory) description of the earth; processes that affect its composition and architecture; the interaction of solid earth, atmosphere, and oceans. Several field trips may be scheduled.

50:460:301 Earth and the Environment (R) (3) (fulfills the Gen Ed PLS requirement, taught periodically)
Earth and the Environment provides a detailed examination of interactions and connections between people and their geologic environment from an Earth Systems perspective. Using case studies and current events students investigate complex environmental processes and issues related to the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Students will reach and defend decisions concerning personal, corporate, and governmental actions.

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